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Kessler challenges opponent to debate during radio interview

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Appearing on this afternoon’s edition of “The Valley Today” on Radio WMOV, Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Jeff Kessler challenged his opponent, Jim Justice, to a series of debates around the state with the first being before the Jefferson Jackson Dinner Oct. 2 in Charleston.

“This would be an excellent opportunity to get us both together in a room prior to the event an let the people hear our views,” said Kessler. “I will debate any candidate any time, any place, anywhere. I have a long record of public service that people can look to and see where I stand. I will not run from any issue.”

“I am not a manufactured candidate and the voters of this state can’t afford a candidate that waits to hear from consultants or pollsters before formulating a position. We need bold leadership to move West Virginia forward.”

Kessler says people need to be able to make informed decision when they go in the voting booth so it’s important to know where each candidate stands on the issues facing West Virginia, and it’s a disservice to just give the people vague sentiments.

“Mr. Justice is a fine man, but I’ve yet to hear a substantive opinion on much of anything other than he loves West Virginia and is all for jobs,” said Kessler. “Everyone in West Virginia loves this state and is concerned about jobs, but there are things we need to do now to move the state forward and voters need to hear each candidate’s specific plans.”

“It’s time to start investing in our people and infrastructure. Our roads are crumbling, our teachers are struggling, and our kids are suffering. We’re not supporting our correctional officers, our highway workers or our state employees and they are falling behind.”

Kessler says the contrast between him and his opponent is very clear.

“Make no mistake, I am the REAL Democrat in the Democratic Primary and look forward to debating the issues with my opponent.”

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