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Issues with Justice-owned companies detailed

By Steven Allen Adams, The Intermountain in Elkins, W.Va.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — In a new round of federal documents, attorneys for companies owned by Gov. Jim Justice claim that they don’t operate shell businesses.

These same filings reveal that while vendors, local, state, and federal government entities await payment of bills, taxes, and penalties, one Justice family member took money directly out of the business to pay for a wedding.

On Monday, attorneys for 12 Justice-owned businesses – including James C. Justice Companies, Bluestone Industries, Tams, and others – filed a motion to dismiss a complaint brought by Essar Steel Algoma, Inc. against Southern Coal Sales Corp. …

Read more: http://www.theintermountain.com/news/local-news/2019/06/issues-with-justice-owned-companies-detailed/

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