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Huntington, W.Va., City Council to consider shipping container ordinance – no use as homes or apartments

By TRAVIS CRUM, The Herald-Dispatch


Huntington City Council members will conduct the first reading of an ordinance Tuesday night seeking to limit the use of shipping containers in the city’s neighborhood districts.

The ordinance would limit using a shipping container as a structure for only commercial or industrial use. Shipping containers could not be remade into a home or apartment and would be barred completely from the city’s residential districts.

Also, shipping containers would only be used for storage in industrial districts unless they are used for construction purposes on a site with an active building permit. …

Read more: https://www.herald-dispatch.com/news/city-council-to-consider-shipping-container-ordinance/article_eb95c932-b7c3-5ed4-91a0-f72eec0b47db.html

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