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Hiring, operations still difficult for businesses in the service industry in North Central West Virginia

By Josiah Cork, WV News

CLARKSBURG, W.Va. — As restaurants shut down or change hours in North Central West Virginia, it’s apparent that hiring is still a difficulty for the service industry.

Officials generally point to an overall absence of people willing to work.

“I think the most difficult part, and this has been over the course of the last several months, has been finding willing applicants,” said Richie Heath, executive director of the West Virginia Hospitality and Travel Association.

“There was a significant period of time where employers, restaurants and small businesses that are associated with our association were posting some jobs and they just couldn’t get anybody to interview even,” Heath said.

Karli Hamrick, the manager of Giovanni’s Restaurant in Weston, agrees that finding staff to show up to work is difficult.

“The most difficult part is getting staff period. It’s very rare that we’re fully staffed on a weekly basis,” Hamrick said…

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