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Gov. Justice issues statement following EPA mandate

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WHEELING, W.Va. — Gov. Justice issued the following statement during a press event with the West Virginia Coal Association at Independence Hall:

“I am incredibly frustrated by the latest EPA rules demanding our power plants eliminate emissions or shut down operations. Once again, this is a clear sign of federal overreach, and it completely disregards the important role West Virginia plays in the nation’s energy landscape.

The EPA and White House’s tone is clear: West Virginia doesn’t matter. We are being told to close our facilities and send workers home without considering the economic impact. All West Virginians need to support our miners right now.

Our miners have been pillars of strength for this country. They’ve given us so much, and they ask for so little. I cannot thank them enough for their work, and we will never give up on them, especially not now. 

I refuse to accept that thousands of hardworking West Virginians in our plants and mines are expendable. I promise you, not under my watch.

History shows that when America needs dependable energy, it turns to West Virginia. As we face unprecedented demand, the idea of decommissioning coal and natural gas facilities will unquestionably destabilize our energy grid. 

For every plant that closes in the United States, nations like China and India are rapidly expanding their coal-power capacity and building two in its place. This destructive strategy undermines our national security and energy independence.

We also need to consider the broader implications of weakening our energy infrastructure. Any disruption not only compromises our grid but also our national defense. Why would we blow our legs off at a time like this?

Rest assured, I am committed to defending our state’s interests and ensuring the well-being of every West Virginian affected by these policies. I will do everything in my power to protect our people.”

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