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Fayette County Board of Education partners with Bento to modernize dental benefits

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FAYETTEVILLE, W.Va. and BOSTON, MA, – The Fayette County Board of Education (“FCBOE”)  has announced its recent agreement to partner with Bento, an innovative dental benefits platform that is proudly endorsed by both the West Virginia Dental Association and the American Dental Association. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in revolutionizing how dental benefits are provided to FCBOE employees.  

“We didn’t realize we could potentially make such significant savings on dental while upgrading the value  of our dental offerings until we learned about Bento,” said Gary L. Hough, Superintendent of the FCBOE.  “Bento’s transformative and modern-day platform allows us to build and administer custom dental  benefits based on our specific needs, all without incurring unnecessary costs for both our organization  and our employees.”  

The Fayette County Board of Education’s transition to Bento signifies a groundbreaking shift in the way  dental benefits are perceived and managed. Bento’s comprehensive solution eliminates the need to  engage with traditional insurance providers, empowering them to self-fund their dental plans and provide a transparent and streamlined experience for their employees.  

“We are excited to partner with the Fayette County Board of Education to provide them with a cutting edge dental benefits experience, driven by Bento’s mission to democratize oral care. Bento’s platform enables employers to offer customizable employee dental benefits, resulting in a transparent and seamless experience. Employers consistently find incredible value in partnering with Bento, not only for their organizations but also for their employees,” says Ram Sudireddy, Founder & CEO of Bento.  

The partnership between the Fayette County Board of Education and Bento demonstrates the  commitment of both parties to provide superior dental benefits that prioritize employee well-being. By  embracing this modern alternative to traditional dental insurance, the Fayette County Board of Education is leading the way to transform dental benefits across the state of West Virginia. 

About Bento 

Bento is on a mission to provide access to affordable dental care for all Americans. Headquartered in  Boston, MA, Bento has established the fastest growing network of dental providers with over 390,000  access points nationwide. Employer groups, associations, and individuals can now receive access to  premium, affordable oral care with Bento. Learn more about how Bento is streamlining care delivery by  visiting www.bento.net or connecting on LinkedIn. 

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