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Editorial: WV DOH needs to get moving

From The Journal of Martinsburg:

Repairing holes in the West Virginia Division of Highways pay schedule is just as important as filling in potholes, in the long run. Yet, despite being instructed nearly two years ago to do that, the agency has not completed the task.

Attracting and keeping qualified, hard-working employees is a challenge for the DOH, because of private-sector competition. Why should a dump truck driver stick with the DOH when he can earn substantially more money elsewhere? That is a problem especially in counties such as ours, where the energy industry is booming.

Nearly two years ago, state legislators recognized the challenge and instructed the DOH to do something about it. A bill enacted during a special session in October 2017 instructed the agency to revamp its pay schedule, in order to compete with the private sector. …

Read more: https://www.journal-news.net/journal-news/doh-needs-to-get-moving/article_004a7d8a-39ff-5255-81c8-75440c6b8e2c.html

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