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Editorial: Roads are economic development in W.Va.

From the Times West Virginian of Fairmont:

There’s been a lot of talk in West Virginia this year about roads, yet there’s little talk about why the roads need to be repaired and maintained.

Scour the research and it becomes obvious after a few thousand pages that roads go hand in hand with economic development. Some studies go as far as to say that roads are vital not only for economic development but are also vital for plain and simple individual prosperity.

When a community has access to driveable roads, its citizens can prosper. And when individuals prosper, so do communities. A new highway can reduce a business’ costs to obtain materials and services, and, therefore, expand that business’ potential to enter new markets.

Roads are a vital part of economic development and job creation, and right now the state does not look like a place companies would want to invest in, much less create new jobs. … https://www.timeswv.com/opinion/roads-are-economic-development/article_4e72fd16-8beb-11e9-8d7a-23b9ad804f84.html

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