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Delegate Ireland named to Commission on Oil and Natural Gas Industry Safety

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Following the Governor’s announcement of his appointment to the West Virginia Commission on Oil and Natural Gas Industry Safety, Delegate Lynwood “Woody” Ireland (R-Ritchie) expressed enthusiasm on being named to the commission.   

“I applaud the Governor in taking this step to ensure the safety of all involved and affected by this dynamic industry.   All too often we are reactive to issues, I appreciate the proactive approach to safety,” said Ireland.   

Ireland chairs the House Committee on Energy and Natural Resources and has extensive industrial experience from his career as a chemical engineer.       

“I look forward to playing a part in this effort and would hope that my experience in working 33 years for the most innovative company with respect to industrial safety will be additive in providing day-to-day safety in the oil and gas work.  Obviously, this industry is working with high pressure fluids, flammable gas, toxic chemicals and heavy equipment,” said Ireland.

As part of their duties, Ireland along with other members of the commission will review safety regulations and will offer workplace safety guidelines for West Virginia’s growing oil and gas industry.   

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