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Cole announces run for governor

Sen. Bill Cole, R-Mercer
Sen. Bill Cole, R-Mercer

“I stand before you today, ready to roll up my sleeves, work hard and seek a position in which I believe I can best serve,” Cole told the crowd gathered at his Green Valley car dealership.

Cole emphasized the importance of job creation, solid infrastructure, a fair legal climate and “an equitable tax system that seeks to encourage investment in our state while providing for the health and well being of those in need.”

Most importantly, he said, “we need to invest in — and put faith in — our people.”

Bill Cole ...

Cole said it is important to invest in our teachers and our classrooms. “We don’t need Washington, D.C. telling us what is best for our kids,” he said. “We need to develop our own West Virginia College and Career Ready Standards. Common Core is not the answer for West Virginia. The days of being virtually last in student achievement must and will come to an end.”

Cole also addressed the rampant drug problem in the state.

“Today, one of the greatest threats to our ability to provide a skilled workforce is the spread of drug use throughout our state,” he said. “We’ve all heard story after story of employers looking to hire people to fill jobs, only to find a staggering number of people who can’t pass the drug test. This has to stop. We’ll never be able to grow our economy if we keep allowing this scourge to ruin lives and destroy families.”


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