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Campaign Update: W.Va. Gov. Justice defends President Trump against efforts to impeach

From the Justice for Governor Campaign:

Charleston, W.Va. –  West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice Thursday joined the Brian Kilmeade Show on Fox News Radio to address congressional Democrats’ efforts to impeach President Trump:

Governor Jim Justice

“You can measure what Trump has done. In every way in the world you can measure what is happening to help the people to make America stronger. To make America more protected. And yet all the Democrats want to do is constantly do this, it’s almost like a social media game. But yet you know we can’t survive and we can’t live on the parsley around the sides of the plate. We got to have meat and potatoes to survive. And Trump, our president provides us with stuff that we get done and I can’t see where the Democrats do anything other than this just that social media merry-go-round and it’s a crying pitiful sham,” Gov. Justice said.

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