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American Coaster Enthusiasts recognizes Camden Park’s Big Dipper with landmark status


The Herald-Dispatch

American Coaster Enthusiasts members Josh Brown, of Peninsula, Ohio and Ronald Jiu of Morton Grove, Illinois, ride the classic wooden Big Dipper at Camden Park in Huntington on Sunday. (Herald-Dispatch photo by Ryan Fischer)

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. — They don’t make them like the Big Dipper anymore. The same can be said for Camden Park.

The 116-year-old amusement park has been a Tri-State staple since 1903 – creating millions of memories on the far end of Huntington’s Westmoreland neighborhood.

But it’s an endangered species. Those small, family-owned amusement parks are dying breeds gradually swallowed in the shadows of national juggernauts with the latest, tallest and fastest rides. For those who recognize their worth, little spots like Camden Park are like an antique treasure chest, and the rides inside are vintage gems.

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