W.Va. Supreme Court justices attend state Drug Court graduations

LEWISBURG, W.Va. – Justices from the Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia spoke this week state Adult Drug Court graduation in W.Va.

Supreme Court Chief Justice Beth Walker and Justice John Hutchison spoke at the Eleventh Judicial Circuit (Greenbrier and Pocahontas Counties) Adult Drug Court graduation ceremony Thursday, March 28.

The ceremony, honoring three graduates, was held in the main courtroom of the Greenbrier County Courthouse in Lewisburg.

On Wednesday, Supreme Court Justices Tim Armstead and John Hutchison spoke at the Adult Drug Court graduation ceremony in the Nicholas County Courthouse in Summerville. The ceremony, honoring three graduates, was held.

Residents of every county in West Virginia have access to an Adult Drug Court, even if there is not one in their home county. The goal of drug courts is to help participants overcome addictions that may have led them to commit crimes. Turning people who might have become repeat offenders into productive citizens also improves public safety. The programs can be more productive, cost-effective, and humane than incarceration for those who have committed non-violent crimes and are a low to moderate risk to be released into the community.

People who are registered as sex offenders or who have a prior conviction for a felony crime of violence are not eligible. Prosecutors and judges choose which offenders may participate.

Earlier this week, Justice Armstead spoke to three groups of students tomorrow, Tuesday, March 26, at Braxton County High School, 200 Jerry Burton Drive, Sutton.

Justice Armstead will speak to seniors in classes at 11:40 a.m., 12:32 p.m., and 1:34 p.m.

He will talk about the West Virginia government with a focus on the court system.

The talks are open to the media. If any media wish to attend one or more of the classes, please stop in the office first to determine if any students in that class have a form on file that says they do not want their photo to be taken.


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