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W.Va. Supreme Court Justice Hutchison visits Raleigh County Schools


The Register-Herald

West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals Justice John Hutchison speaks with eight grade students at Trap Hill Middle School about the functions of the court system in the state at the school in Glen Daniel on Tuesday. (Register-Herald photo by Chris Jackson)

GLEN DANIEL, W.Va. — West Virginia Supreme Court Justice John Hutchison says he visits schools throughout the state not only to teach students about the state’s court system, but to also show them he’s just a regular guy. 

On Wednesday, Hutchison visited Trap Hill Middle School in Raleigh County, one of six schools he has visited since he was appointed to the state’s Supreme Court in December 2018. He served as a circuit court judge in Raleigh County for about 20 years beforehand.  

“I’ve been on the Supreme Court for about 120 days now, so you know I’m highly experienced in the position,” he said, jokingly, to a crowd of 8th grade students. 

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