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Eating healthier in 2019 comes with easy substitutes: Fresh and local foods


The Herald-Dispatch

HUNTINGTON, W.Va.  — Every year there seems to be a fad diet promising to help people lose weight and get healthier.

In 2018, there was the rise of the ketogenic diet, or the “keto” diet, which are foods low in carbs and high in healthy fat content designed to deplete the body’s glucose storage and burn off weight. There was also the paleo diet, eating only foods that were available to our ancestors, and the alkaline diet, which promotes foods high in acidity and eliminates dairy, grains and refined sugars.

These diets come with their own pros and cons, but going into 2019 there may be a simpler way to get healthier, said Kelsey Abad, marketing manager of The Wild Ramp in Huntington. Abad recommends replacing processed foods and foods high in sugary content with items that are fresher and produced locally.

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