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Bills introduced to punish embezzlement, increase scholarship availability in state

 The Dominion Post 

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Here are some bills introduced March 14. This was the last day for members of the House to file bills. House committees can still originate bills and members may still file resolutions.

Local lead sponsors and co-sponsors are noted.

SB 599, to require a juvenile inmate to be transferred to an adult facility upon turning 18. Sens. Bob Beach, D-Monongalia, and Roman Prezioso, D-Marion, co-sponosrs.

SB 604, to terminate the Racetrack Modernization Fund after obligations are paid. Sen. Dave Sypolt, R-Marion, lead sponsor.

HB 2987, to make PROMISE scholarships available for community and technical college attendance. Delegate Cindy Frich, R-Monongalia, lead sponsor; Delegate Guy Ward, R-Marion, co-sponsor.

HB 2990, to require constant monitoring of air, noise, dust and particulates at gas well sites. Delegate Terri Sypolt, R-Preston, lead sponsor; Ward, co-sponsor.

HB 3011, to change how just determination is calculated when eminent domain is used for a pipeline. Ward, lead sponsor; Delegate Mike Caputo, D-Marion, co-sponsor.

HB 3094, another “forced pooling” bill, the Cotenancy and Lease Integration Act.

HB 3100, to increase penalties for public school employees who embezzle public funds.

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