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$9.5 million contract allows TMC Technologies to continue work with NASA

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The Exponent Telegram

FAIRMONT, W.Va.  — The NASA Independent Verification and Validation program has awarded a systems and software engineering tools contract with a maximum value of $9.5 million to TMC Technologies in Fairmont. The contract will allow the company to continue working with NASA, as it has for the past five years.

Randy Hefner, vice president of TMC Technologies, said the contract was similar to the contract that the company is currently working under with NASA, which has been in effect since February 2012.

“What we do is build software tools for NASA and support those tools,” Hefner said. “We have been doing this under our current contract, but that contract expires on the last day of February this year. So this contract, which begins March 1, will allow us to continue our services after our current contract expires.”

Jeffrey Northey, a spokesman for the NASA Independent Verification and Validation Center, said that at a high level, there was probably nothing too different about the previous contract. It was a competitive procurement contract, so was open to multiple bidders before it was awarded to TMC Technologies.

“This contract is to provide custom software applications that we use to track key inputs from our technical analysis, track key risks and perform the work and services that we provide for NASA,” Northey said.

Jennifer Neptune, a program analyst for the NASA Independent Verification and Validation Center, said each contract awarded is unique in its own right.

“Every time the government writes a contract, there are always ways things can be improved,” Neptune said. “However, a large part of this contract is very similar to the previous one. The contract includes a base year, with four one-year options each year after that. So the contract could potentially last for another five years, if we decide to continue working with TMC at the end of each year.”

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