Skygazers glimpse spectacular phenomenon

Charleston Daily Mail photo by Marcus Constantino
Charleston Daily Mail photo by Marcus Constantino

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Some lucky West Virginians got a rare glimpse of a partial solar eclipse as the moon passed between earth and the sun Thursday evening.

Daily Mail multimedia reporter Marcus Constantino had a perfect vantage point from the tarmac at Yeager Airport to take pictures of the occurrence as the sun went down.

Rodney Waugh, observatory director for the Kanawha County Astronomical Society’s Breezy Point Observatory near Cross Lanes, had said the best places for viewing were locations facing west with a low horizon unobstructed by the mountains.

Constantino said from where he was stationed, the whole event was visible for about 40 minutes before the great orb sank below the horizon.

This was his first attempt at shooting a solar eclipse and he was forced to use a little ingenuity to take the photo without doing harm to his eyes or his camera…

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