W.Va. municipal pageant winners to be named

An editorial from the Charleston Daily Mail 

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The results of a beauty pageant of sorts will be made known today. Sixteen new municipal beauty queens will come out of this time-consuming contest.

That means six otherwise potential beauties will go home without a crown, left to wonder why the judges found them not as pretty and talented as the 16 winners selected.

We are talking, of course, of the home rule announcements to be released today by the West Virginia Municipal Home Rule Board at the Bridgeport Conference Center.

Based on a law passed by the state Legislature in 2013, 16 additional cities will be selected from applicants for a five-year pilot home rule program.

That legislation expanded the Home Rule Program from the four cities who participated in the first five-year pilot and who can continue: Charleston, Huntington, Wheeling and Bridgeport.

Generally speaking, home rule allows cities to create their own laws and policies without regard to many state laws, although ordinances created under home rule must be approved by the Municipal Home Rule Board.

 “We know some people will be disappointed, and unfortunately that’s part of any program,” said board chairman Patsy Trecost…

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