Right-to-work legislation should be considered

An editorial from The Exponent Telegram 

CLARKSBURG, W.Va. — The recent West Virginia Legislature interim session served as a preview of the 2016 session, with significant debate already forming on right-to-work legislation.

Right-to-work allows workers to forego joining a union even if a business’ workforce is unionized. For instance, a coal mine’s workers might be represented by the United Mine Workers, but someone hired wouldn’t have to join the union. And current union members wouldn’t have to continue to be in the union unless they chose to be.

 That freedom of choice is important as we see it, giving the worker the ability to determine whether the value of union representation merits their dues.

But it is also critical that West Virginia’s workforce be treated fairly, with livable pay, benefits and job security. Unions believe they bring that through the bargaining table and union contracts.

An independent West Virginia University study shed light on the discussion, pointing out that output and job opportunities have grown in right-to-work states…

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