Pseudoephedrine Rx bill should become law

An editorial from The Exponent Telegram

CLARKSBURG, W.Va. — With the scourge of methamphetamines, and the dangerous labs that manufacture the product expanding, we’re glad to see Senate Bill 6 weaving its way through the legislative process.

The full Senate passed the measure on to the House on a 25-9 vote on Tuesday. The House has assigned the bill to its Judiciary Committee.

The bill mandates “requiring certain drug products containing ephedrine, pseudoephedrine or phenylpropanolamine be obtained by prescription only.”

The legislation exempts some pseudoephedrine products that are considered tamper resistant, which means that can’t be modified or broken down to be used as a component of meth.

Proponents of the legislation believe restricting the sales will have a major impact on the proliferation of meth labs throughout the state.

Law enforcement discovered a record number of 533 meth labs last year, according to The Charleston Gazette.

As Sen. Craig Tucker, D-Nicholas, told the Gazette: “It’s unfortunate we had to go down this route, but this is a plague. The only way you can stop a plague is with strong medicine, and I believe that’s what this is.”

We agree that it is indeed strong — and necessary — medicine, and we encourage the House to give it full consideration…

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