Opinion: Teach about constitutional republic, principles of federal, state governments

By West Virginia Delegate Larry D. Kump

The recent “Dangerous for Democracy” front page headline and underlying news article in last week’s Charleston “Sunday Gazette-Mail” was a head scratcher for me.

Delegate Larry Kump

At first glance, it pointed out a problem about the proposal of the West Virginia Board of Education, to allow county school systems to reduce social study standards for high school students.

However, upon reading further, the news story further revealed that this reduction in standards is all about some variations on various social and historical episodes.

What gave me pause and concern was the total lack of any mention of any ongoing education about the need to teach about the creation and foundation of our constitutional republic, and the principles of the basis of our federal and state governments.

The absence of this basic foundation of an informed citizenry, I believe, is what stokes the sad and sorry situation of low information voters and public apathy regarding principled governance.

— Delegate Larry D. Kump represents District #59 (Berkeley-Morgan counties). Contact him at www.LarryKump.us

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