Obamacare fails to keep promises

An editorial from The Intelligencer/Wheeling News-Register

WHEELING, W.Va. — With friends like Obamacare, who needs enemies? That would be a logical reaction to news this week about the federal health insurance program.

President Barack Obama and other proponents of the insurance takeover insisted it was necessary for two purposes: First, to provide health coverage for millions of Americans who lacked it, and second to curtail rapidly increasing costs for care and insurance.

About 33 million Americans still do not have health insurance. Obamacare simply has not worked for them.

And costs for coverage are skyrocketing. Federal officials admitted this week the cost of “benchmark” health insurance obtained through the Obamacare exchange will increase by 18.5 percent next year.

And for many people, the actual cost of health care will increase by even more. Many of those forced by the government to sign up for Obamacare had to take insurance with high deductibles that, even with the subsidies that help pay for their coverage, make the program no bargain for them.

Obamacare simply has not delivered on most of the president’s promises. Yet some in Congress remain reluctant to scrap the program and try again with something better.


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