Media Literacy: do we need it? YES

An editorial from The Parthenon

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. — Media literacy is something journalism students at Marshall University are very familiar with. Students learn about sources and what counts as reputable, thus enabling students to later determine if the people they talk to for their future stories can be trusted as legitimate sources of information.

Often times, media literacy is overlooked, or categorized as an unimportant class to non-majors, or those who maybe take a course on the subject just to fill hours.

In a time where sharing your thoughts and opinions is as simple as pressing “share now” on Facebook, it is increasingly important to promote media literacy. It is this blind faith of sources that leads to people perpetuating sensationalism and injecting misinformation directly into the feed of their social media friends.

It can be assumed that hundreds of thousands of users are mislead on Facebook daily…

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