She just doesn’t get it

A column by Mike Myer, executive editor of The Intelligencer/Wheeling News-Register

What’s troubling about Clinton’s comment is that she really seems to believe what she said.

She just doesn’t get it.

Years ago, a friend of mine made it clear that, at the time, he didn’t get it, either.

I’m not certain I’d have been able to pay for college had I not landed jobs with the Department of Highways for two summers in a row.

There were four of us, referred to by the permanent DOH employees as “the college boys.” Except for operating heavy machinery, we did the same work they performed. Unless you’ve ever spent 10 hours a day in August shoveling “hot mix” asphalt out of a dump truck, spare me the jokes about leaning on a shovel.

Like the older guys, we worked hard. And that, one afternoon as we were taking our lunch break, prompted my friend to comment, “Well, at least now we know what it is to do physical work for a living.”

“No, boys, you don’t,” responded the DOH veteran with us. He was about 55 years old, with white hair and the ruddy, chiseled face you get by working outside during all four seasons.

“You boys know that in a couple of weeks, you’ll be going back to college,” he told us. “I won’t.”

He was right. And that’s what Clinton doesn’t get…

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