Herald-Dispatch of Huntington calls for curbside recycling


We definitely live in a “throw­away” society. The amount of municipal solid waste generated in the United States has increased from about 88 million tons in 1960 to about 250 million tons in 2011, according to the Environmental Protec­tion Agency. While the nation has made progress on recycling since the 1980s, and now “recovers” about 34 percent of that trash, the flow to our landfills is still increasing.

That is not only wasteful and a growing expense, but it constitutes a long-term danger to the soil and environment.

We need to do more, particularly in our reg ion .

So, it is good to see the Cabell County Solid Waste Authority launching a new awareness campaign to help local resi­dents understand the role they play in both what they buy and what they throw away.

Over the past three years, the authority has increased drop-off recycling loca­tions in the county to eight and expanded the type of items accepted. That was a big step, and the agency now hopes that an awareness campaign can encourage more residents to participate…

..The ultimate goal has to be curbside recycling programs, and that is where our region is really behind the curve.


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