Good news/bad news with West Virginia fuel tax

An editorial from the Charleston Daily Mail

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — West Virginia motorists got a mix of good news/bad news from a Monday Daily Mail story by Joel Ebert about the state’s motor vehicle fuel tax.

“West Virginia drivers can expect to save a little more money on gas next year,” Ebert reported.

The tax for conventional motor fuels, which includes gasoline, kerosene and diesel, will decrease by 1.1 cents on Jan. 1, according to an administrative notice by the State Tax Department. The department must recalculate the average wholesale price of fuel in the state each year.

As a result of this year’s recalculation as wholesale gasoline prices drop, the state portion of fuel taxes will drop from 35.7 cents per gallon to 34.6 cents next year.

The motor fuel tax is composed of a flat rate of $0.205 per gallon plus a variable component of 5 percent for the average wholesale price of fuel.

The decrease will save West Virginia drivers $15.7 million in 2015 compared to what they paid this year, said Deputy Revenue Secretary Mark Muchow, resulting in a net annual savings of nearly $9 for someone who drives 20,000 miles each year in a car that gets 25 mpg.

 “That’s good news to consumers, but a bit of a reduction to the state’s road fund,” he said.


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