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Gazette endorsement: For WV Legislature, these candidates offer promising future

Charleston Gazette-Mail

Readers sometimes tell us that it looks like the Gazette Opinion page simply chooses all Democrats to endorse. That’s not true, but we can see why it might seem that way.

Like any responsible voter, we evaluate each candidate and recommend the one who is best for the job, of whatever party. When it comes to policy-making offices, such as the Legislature, however, there are some basic beliefs that cause our choices to skew mostly to Democrats.

West Virginia needs lawmakers who understand that the people and their businesses prosper when individuals’ needs are met. People do better when their public schools are funded and when they can go the doctor. When people are between jobs, everyone benefits if a family has enough to eat and doesn’t lose its home or car until parents find a new job. They do better when they have access to higher education, of all kinds, which leads to a more employable workforce and better paying jobs. West Virginians also need to safeguard their precious air, water and land.

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