Editorial: What federal investigations of Governor Justice say about West Virginia

From the Register-Herald of Beckley:

Gov. Jim Justice is developing a track record in public governance and personal finance management that does not give West Virginia or his business acumen a good look. Put another way, our governor, as our representative on a national stage, is regarded as a reflection of our values, of who we are. As such, he is making it difficult for many to pause and study the reflection in the mirror, an image tarnished by multiple federal investogations. It is a look unbecoming a Mountaineer.

With his re-election on the line in 2020 and a popular senator from the other party considering a return to the governor’s mansion, Justice might consider spending more time on setting personal and public matters straight, to clean the slate, rather than showing up for any number of photo ops where he takes great pleasure in announcing federal – not state – grants for various projects.

From Pine Grove to Moundsville, from Welsburg to Weston, and even in Charleston where a governor sighting is rare, Justice has been front and center, cameras clicking, his own public relations team spinning stories. He’s out and about, passing along grants in the hundreds of thousands of dollars – some running into the millions – for public infrastructure projects.

Federal dollars, we repeat, not state. And those gifts are the work of senators and representatives – not that of a governor. …

Read more: https://www.register-herald.com/opinion/editorials/what-federal-investigations-say-about-our-state/article_81f95ec3-a11e-57de-8b86-8e7359f0afb5.html

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