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Editorial: No big and bold ideas from W.Va. Governor Justice – unfortunately

From The Register-Herald of Beckley:

For those of you wondering where Gov. Jim Justice was hiding while some imposter, a stunt double, delivered the annual State of the State address, we can assure you that the guy at the podium Wednesday night was, in fact, our governor – minus any big ideas on how to move the state forward.

This was a leader and coal baron cowed by the present and fearful of the future, not the daring visionary of his past.

Justice is a successful and wealthy businessman first and foremost. We’re guessing that he can read the tealeaves – and the economic indicators. In a recent survey conducted by Deloitte, 97 percent of the country’s Corporate Financial Officers are predicting an economic downturn or, worse, recession before ballots are cast in November. And, according to the state’s economic experts at West Virginia University, no amount of wishing and hoping – or denial – is going to return coal to its former economic glory. In fact, predictions are for a continued slide in production.

And while Justice does not claim to be a politician, he certainly knows that bad economies are not good for incumbents running for reelection.

In short, the guy grading the condition of our state the other night was not so much worried about you, regardless of what he said. He was more concerned about himself and his own fortunes. …

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