Editorial: Helping grandparents essential in combating West Virginia’s opioid crisis

From The Exponent Telegram

Some jarring statistics from 2017 bear heavily on the future of our state. The ramifications could last for another generation.

The Anne E. Casey Kids Count Data Center reports that almost 10 percent of the children in West Virginia did not live with a parent in 2017. We now lead the nation in the percentage of children who do not live with either of their parents.

This cannot play out well in the years to come. Here are kids who will suffer academically, physically and psychologically.

Bonnie Dunn, West Virginia University Extension Service Agent and founder of the Healthy Grandfamilies program, said she is not surprised by the data. “We’re just losing a generation of children because of lack of stability and a home life. These children are all in trauma, because they don’t have the stability … We have got to do something about this in West Virginia.” …

Read more: https://www.wvnews.com/theet/opinion/editorials/helping-grandparents-essential-in-combating-state-s-opioid-crisis/article_b4deea33-6ec5-541b-9942-256cdeb26e74.html

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