Editorial: Government derelict in aiding people hurt by disasters

From The Herald-Dispatch of Huntington:

Even in these increasingly partisan times, it wasn’t so long ago that Republicans and Democrats could at least agree on matters that involved relief funding for areas hit hard by disasters.

But even that has become a slog in the past few years. That’s illustrated by the current stalemate over a disaster aid bill aimed at providing help to people in hurricane-slammed Puerto Rico, farmers and others victimized by hurricanes and floods in various parts of the United States, and rebuilding southern military bases.

It’s been going on for months, even after the U.S. House passed a $14 billion relief measure in January. But that bill hasn’t been able to gain any traction in the U.S. Senate because Democrats there and GOP President Donald Trump are fighting over aid to Puerto Rico. The president is feuding with Democratic officials in Puerto Rico. …

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