DOH waited much too long to address U.S. 60 slip

An editorial from The Register-Herald

BECKLEY, W.Va. — A picture on Wednesday’s front page probably scared the bejebees out of people.

We know it certainly got our attention.

The photo of a road slip (that seems to be a huge understatement) along U.S. 60 at Ansted depicts nearly an entire lane of the roadway crumbled and falling down the mountainside. Orange and white traffic control barrels block the lane.

But holy cow! Will anyone in their right mind want to drive along the lane that hugs the mountain on the other side?

Who knows how unstable the ground is under that lane or just how much rain it will take to erode the remaining roadbed?

According to a spokeswoman for the West Virginia Division of Highways, a repair project was put out to bid Tuesday, with completion of the project not anticipated until Nov. 30.

All well and good.

But considering that Ansted area residents say the road — known as The Midland Trail and a major highway through the region — has been in this condition since April, we say it’s way past time that a fix is in the works…

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