Dictating lunch menu is misguided

An editorial from the Weirton Daily Times  

WEIRTON, W.Va. — While it’s laudable to care about the health of school children, it’s also, unfortunately, a little laughable when it’s the federal government trying to dictate daily lunch menus in schools.

First lady Michelle Obama has her heart in the right place in wanting to do something about childhood and adult obesity, which are epidemics that take a toll on the health care system in the nation. But House Republicans have their heads in the game when they propose easing off on immediate requirements that would change spending and cooking patterns in school districts.

Dictating menus to local school districts by setting requirements for what is cooked and when, such as requiring whole wheat pasta on spaghetti day, is a bit too much of a reach for the federal government.

The federal government has enough of a time justifying having its nose in local education issues when U.S. school children have done nothing but fall further behind the rest of the world since the Department of Education came into being in 1979…

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