Confederate flag represents only hatred, racism

An editorial from The Times West Virginian

FAIRMONT, W.Va. — Perhaps it’s better to hang your hat on the right side of history.

Or, rather, hang the right flag on your pole.

We’re weary of the argument that the Confederate flag represents the culture and heritage of southern states. The Confederate flag flying today over the capitol in South Carolina represents absolutely nothing but racism and white supremacy.

It actually doesn’t even represent the Civil War, at least not to the level that people associate it with. The “stars and bars” may have been incorporated in each of the three flags of the Confederacy, but the modern-day version flown today is actually a replica of the Northern Virginia units under the leadership of Robert E. Lee.

So there’s no connection between the culture and history of South Carolina with the modern-day Confederate flag.

No, its popularity in that state actually didn’t come until more than 80 years after the Civil War.

It was 1948 and it was the banner of Strom Thurmond as he formed the States Rights Democratic Party in his unsuccessful bid for presidency. The party, also known as the Dixiecrats, made it pretty well known what their position was when it came to race…

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