By calling it ‘my city,’ Charleston’s mayor is leading

An editorial from the Charleston Daily Mail

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — This may be the toughest time for the area since the Battle of Charleston in the Civil War on Sept. 13, 1862. Many people still do not trust the water, which may harm state’s economy in the long term.

Public health is the primary concern, but officials also must deal with a tarnished public image.

Mayor Danny Jones has stepped forward to become the national face of Charleston. He addressed this situation on Facebook over the weekend.

“I gave an interview Friday to Jake Tapper of CNN that is on Facebook,” the mayor wrote. “During that interview I used the term ‘my city.’ This morning I was reading Peggy Noonan’s column and she was critical of elected officials that take possession by using terms like ‘my.’

“I thought about it and maybe she is right. Perhaps I should refrain from using that term in the future even though I felt that way before I was in my current position. This has been a very difficult time for me as it has for all of us. It is tough to straddle a position to try to sell a city I believe in so much, and yet deal with the way we have all been violated.

“The damage that has been done to this community will affect us in a negative way for the rest of my life. It is so unfair and I have trouble thinking about anything else.”

The response from his Facebook followers was overwhelmingly in support…

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