Cabin fever is real, especially for this editor

A column by Kyle Lovern, recently named editor of the Williamson Daily News

WILLIAMSON, W.Va. — Cabin fever is real. I’m sure many of you have experienced it the last few days here in the Tug Valley because of the huge amounts of snow and the frigid cold temperatures.I have definitely experienced it. Just ask my wife Vicki, I’m a bit claustrophobic, however not to the extent of Jack Nicholson’s character in the movie “The Shining,” at least not yet. Come to think of it, he was a writer.

I and our WDN reporters have had to work from home this past week. Thanks to the Internet, we can get our paper out. However, since the paper is printed in Gallipolis, Ohio, they had a tough time of delivering the Williamson Daily, Logan Banner and our sister papers in Madison, Gilbert and Pineville.

The roads have been hazardous. Even if they were able to deliver the papers to our office here in Williamson, it would have been difficult for our local carriers to get the paper to our customers.

(We greatly apologize for this inconvenience, however Old Man Winter had a grip on the region.)

But getting back to the cabin fever and how people cope with this feeling.

For me, I can stand it for a day or two, but I eventually have to get out and about. I guess that’s just my nature. My wife can hibernate for days – as long as we have the necessary provisions.

Which brings me to another issue – when there is a threat of a snow storm, how many of us head to the grocery stores to stock up on food. It’s an old joke – you better get your milk and bread. But, it is smart to stock up on a few things. You should get some soup, lunch meat, eggs, soft drinks, etc. and in my case I need my chips and some chocolate.

Although I’m getting older, I get out and shovel the driveway. I walk our dog Petey, so that helps get me out of the house. But for someone who is used to covering news or local high school sports, it is tough for me to stay cooped up…

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