There has to be a better way to choose teachers

An editorial from the Charleston Daily Mail

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The teacher candidates gathered in a room at the Kanawha County Board of Education offices to learn their fate. As described in a Monday Gazette article by Ryan Quinn, the six waited to learn which one would be chosen.

This is not your typical selection process. At least, it is not typical for organization that place higher value on accomplishment and performance than work rules and protectionism.

These candidates were gathered to learn which one would be deselected. One of them has to go because there are not enough positions for all six next school year.

Had the candidates been interviewed to determine which one was the least skilled? No.

Had the candidates been objectively evaluated based on their prior performance in the classroom, their attendance record, and their professionalism? Of course not.

So, how was it decided who would be deselected? By randomly drawing numbers out of a bowl, of course…

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