As for the refugee dilemma, charity begins at home

A column by Kyle Lovern, editor of the Williamson Daily News

Williamson Daily News photo Kyle Lovern
Williamson Daily News photo
Kyle Lovern

WILLIAMSON, W.Va. — The recent terrorist attacks in Paris have many of us once again discussing our own homeland security. Most of us agree that “something” needs to be done but what that “something” is differs considerably.

Politicians, naturally, are using it as a forum to further their own agendas. People from all walks of life, whether liberals, conservatives, independents, and everything in-between, have an opinion of what needs to be done. As they should. America is, after all, OUR home – all of ours. And we all should have a say in how to protect our home.

Such a variety of opinions however often leads to conflict. Discussions turn into debates which rapidly turn into arguments which unfortunately often descends into harmful and unproductive “hate talk.” And folks, when we fight each other, the terrorists win.

Of course, it’s not only okay, but often necessary to disagree with one another. History supports that a variety of different perspectives and beliefs can create growth and progress. Hate, however, seldom does. Let’s fight the terrorists – not each other. Whatever your opinion, now is the time for us all to band together against terrorism.

I personally can find value to both sides of a coin. There are vitally urgent issues at hand: Gun control, border control, humanitarianism, world peace, unemployment, poverty, homelessness, individual privacy protection, religious freedom and many, many more.

I don’t profess to know all the right answers. Actually, I know only a few things with certainty. I know God is Good. I know I love my family and friends. And I know I love my country. But I do believe that charity begins at home. And as much as my heart breaks for the Syrian refugees, my gut instinct is to protect my home.

Unfortunately, ISIS knows that we are a compassionate, giving nation. And they are and will continue to use that compassion against us.

We know that at least one of the terrorists came in to Paris as a Syrian refugee. No one knows how many more came through, but what are the odds that there was only one?

Let’s face it, this is an ideal opportunity for ISIS to enter a country. Because there really is no way to properly investigate a refugee. Therefore, it truly pains me to say that we need to close our borders – at least to the grown men…

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