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WVU police chief paid more than city, county peers

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — WVU Police Chief Bob Roberts has a higher salary than any other police chief in Monongalia County.

He also makes more than the county sheriff.

Roberts said he makes about $122,000 a year and manages the department’s budget of $3 million.

Mon County Sheriff Al Kisner said he makes about $44,880 on an annual salary and manages the department’s budget of $6.35 million. Because the county sheriff is also responsible for collecting taxes, Kisner also earns a $15,000 supplement once 85 percent of owed taxes are collected. As sheriff, he manages the county tax department.

Westover Police Chief Ken Fike makes $18.86 an hour and works 40 hours per week, said Westover City Clerk Sandie Weis. He is also paid time and a half for overtime hours worked.

Morgantown Police Department Chief Ed Preston makes $91,000 a year on his salary. He oversees the department’s $6.5 million budget and supervises its 74 officers and other employees.

Star City Police Chief Vic Propst said his position is also salary-based and earns around $46,550 a year. He oversees the six-member department’s yearly budget of $440,000.

Granville Police Chief Craig Corkrean said he makes about $47,740 on his salary. He said his payment is included in the police budget, which he sends to the Granville Council for approval. The 2014 budget for the 14-strong Granville Police was around $1 million, Corkrean said.

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