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Most West Virginians to see higher gas bills

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Many West Virginians will see their gas bills rise because utilities are expected to pay more for that gas in the coming year, after several years of declining gas prices.

On Thursday, the state Public Service Commission announced the rate adjustments for each gas company in the state.

The gas rates charged to customers are adjusted each year to account for the cost of gas in a process called a Purchased Gas Adjustment (PGA) proceeding before the PSC. Under state law, the PSC must allow gas utilities to recover their costs in buying natural gas.

The PGA estimates the prices that utilities expect they will have to pay for gas from suppliers from Nov. 1, 2014 through to Oct. 31, 2015. The PGA adjustments do not include any profits for utility companies.

The average Mountaineer Gas residential customer uses 7,000 cubic feet of natural gas — or 7 MCF — per month. That customer would see his bill rise by $6.97 a month. The average Peoples Gas customers will see an increase of $4.06 per month.

However, Hope Gas customers will see their monthly bills decrease by $3.40…

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