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W.Va. cities with sales taxes poised to triple

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Paying a city sales tax in West Virginia could be more commonplace next year.

The number of municipalities with local sales taxes could triple as new home rule cities have their proposals heard by the state Municipal Home Rule Board.

If all proposed taxes are approved, 21 cities across the state will have municipal sales taxes, which are dedicated to fund projects like infrastructure improvements, economic development and retiree pensions.

In addition, eight of the state’s 10 biggest cities would have their own sales tax, and about 17 percent of West Virginians would live in a municipality with such a tax.

Currently, Charleston, Huntington, Wheeling, Harrisville, Quinwood, Rupert and Williamstown are the only cities with sales taxes.

The larger three — Charleston, Huntington and Wheeling — derive their taxes from their existing home rule power. The other four are able to enact a sales tax under regular state law because they don’t charge business and occupation taxes.

With the recent expansion of the state’s home rule program, 14 more cities could have taxes…

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