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Students could lose spring break or go till late June

BECKLEY, W.Va. — Raleigh County Schools Superintendent David Price is working with Sen. Daniel Hall, R-Wyoming, and Sen. Jeff Mullins, R-Raleigh, to try to get students out of school before late June, Price verified Tuesday.

Price said he isn’t opposed to having students attend school through the original spring break, April 6-10, as a trade for a longer summer break.

 Raleigh students are now scheduled to attend school through June 25 to make up for days officials closed school due to bad weather.

“Everything has to be considered right now,” Price said. “We as instructional leaders have to decide what’s best for kids and their education.”

State law requires students to have 180 days of instruction. Weekends and holidays cannot be used to make up for closures, but non-instructional days — days that are designated as out-of-school days — may be used to meet the 180-day requirement.

Spring break days are non-instructional days on the current calendar.

By law, West Virginia Board of Education members may grant exemptions if a county superintendent notifies them that students have attended all non-instructional days and still can’t meet the 180-day requirement prior to June 30.

Otherwise, only a federal emergency may qualify for an exemption…


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