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President’s Pen – April 24, 2013

David Corcoran
David Corcoran

From the President’s Pen —

Sorry that I haven’t written lately, but much work needs to be accomplished each week on getting into print and getting circulated our West Virginia newspapers. Plus, if you aren’t feeling that well anyway, it makes our journalist jobs even harder. But, the “blood, sweat and tears” of publishing that finished product is always a peak moment for us publishers and editors, bring us much comfort, a sense of fulfillment and abundant “pride.”

As some of you know, “The Welch News” in McDowell County just recently lost its publisher. Greg Spinella (who I, as publisher there in the 1980s, originally hired) lost a long struggle with cancer. My heart goes out to his wife, Gwen, children and grandchildren.

Nevertheless, it has left the newly appointed publisher, Melissa Nester, and recently appointed Editor Andrea Moorehead with a whale of a task — to produce and put out that newspaper’s “50th Anniversary Coal Progress Edition.”

Request: Can you, or at least those of you who live in coal counties or know any coal stories, write them up for “The Welch News,” which comes out only three times weekly now. Please share a quick coal related story: your family’s coal mining background, your community’s, your own ideas about coal, etc. I know that Andrea would be most appreciative, because, as I recall, it’s one heck of a job.

She can be emailed at: [email protected]

Finally, the deadline is ASAP as it will go into its final printing on this week. If you have any questions, just ask me. Remember, when we help those of us who are struggling, we are ultimately helping ourselves and our honored profession.

Very sincerely yours,

Dave Corcoran Sr.,

Pres., WVPA

Publisher, etc., Glenville newspapers

304-462-7309 (Off.)

304-462-4643 (Home and leave a clear and loud message on my answering machine)

PS: Our WVPA gratitude goes out to all of you who helped us out during the recent legislative session’s battles against anti-newspaper initiatives by contacting your senators and state delegates. It worked!

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