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Pipeline could yield $25 million for W.Va. counties

CLARKSBURG, W.Va. — By 2020, the Atlantic Coast Pipeline — a proposed joint-venture project to transport natural gas from the Marcellus Shale to Virginia and North Carolina — could generate millions in local property tax revenues for North Central West Virginia.

That’s according to projections provided by Dominion, one of the four companies signed on to finance the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

The company on Monday released data projecting that more than $25 million in total annual property taxes will result from the Atlantic Coast Pipeline by 2021, when the pipeline would be fully operational.

The West Virginia counties along the pipeline’s route would see more than $8 million in additional property taxes annually by 2021, according to the same data set.

Based on Dominion’s projections, Lewis County alone would see more than $3 million annually in property tax revenues generated by the pipeline by the year 2020.

Dominion spokesman Jim Norvelle said Lewis County would host roughly 20 miles of pipeline, as well as a compressor station and a metering and regulating station.

Upshur County — which Norvelle said would host 22 miles of the pipeline — is projected to see roughly $2 million…

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