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Mineral County town may ban noisy ‘jake brakes’

KEYSER, W.Va. – The city of Keyser may yet move forward on regulating tractor trailer “jake brakes,” with residents continuing to push for a ban on the noisy devices.

Russell Delozier, who owns Royal Aire plumbing and heating across from City Hall on Armstrong Street, initially appeared before the Keyser City Council last month, pressing for regulation of both jake brakes and the piercing whistles from trains passing through town on CSX tracks one block north of Armstrong.

City officials at that time appeared receptive to following up on the train issue, but indicated that the jake brakes would be more difficult, as the devices – which use the engine to slow the truck – are considered a safety issue. Jake brakes are generally activated with a dashboard switch; when turned on the device kicks in every time the driver eases off the accelerator, causing the loud engine noise.

Delozier again appeared before the Council at last week’s meeting, this time accompanied by the Rev. Dan Stemple, himself a former longtime trucker, who spoke in favor of regulation

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