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Everglades-style airboat now touring Tug River

AR-308119995MATEWAN, W.Va. – Imagine gliding down the Tug River at 50 mph with the wind blowing your hair back, or slowing down to a crawl while enjoying a breathtaking view of nature’s beauty.

Such an experience is possible now with the Hatfield-McCoy Airboat Tours based out of the Matewan Depot, near the Buskirk bridge in downtown Matewan.
Keith Gibson started the business two years ago. He purchased the airboat, which is just like you would see in the Everglades, in Cocoa, Florida
During the tour passengers not only get to experience an exhilarating ride down the Tug River, but also are immersed in the beauty of West Virginia’s natural landscapes.
“It is a completely different view from the water than it is from the road,” Gibson said. “You see everything from a whole new perspective.”
The tour is ideal for photographers and nature lovers.
It shows a very diverse ecosystem of trees, birds, small game, aquatic life and more.
You are likely to see a blue heron sailing overhead after he has left his perch on a dead tree. There could be a mud turtle sunning on a log or rock jutting out of the water. Or you might see a duck diving for a fish. You might even get lucky enough to see a big catfish swimming in the shallow water.
“I think we live in the most beautiful part of the world,” Gibson said of the Tug Valley. “People always bring their cameras.”
The ride can take you by some of the historic locations of the famed Hatfield and McCoy Feud….

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