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Eight is enough for Bluefield trash pickup

Bluefield Daily Telegraph photo
Bluefield Daily Telegraph photo

BLUEFIELD, W.Va. — Bluefield’s trash bag limit per pickup has been set at eight bags per week unless residents wish to pay for a special trash pickup.

A second reading of the revised trash bag ordinance was unanimously approved by the city board of directors on Tuesday afternoon.

Rideout said the change in the ordinance is a clarification made to prevent people from coming in from other counties and dumping their trash at a friends house. “It puts a numerical limit on the amount of trash bags you can have each week,” Rideout said. “For example Lusk has a limit of six trash bags, we have a limit of eight trash bags. Lusk charges for every bag over their limit. We obviously will have an ordinance that will send code enforcement out to educate the folks and then if they don’t comply, obviously issue a citation.”

Rideout said they are trying to be good stewards of the city’s money. “There’s a fair share. This clearly delineates where the fair share is,” Rideout said. “If we’re picking up somebody else’s trash, we’re paying those tipping fees at the landfill and the workforce and the man hours that go into that. What we were seeing around the city was that households on that given trash day would have 25 to 30 bags…

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