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‘Chilling’ movie scene plays out in downtown Elkins

ELKINS – Like a scene straight out of “A Christmas Story,” an area resident found himself in a rather compromising – and embarrassing – situation when his tongue became fused to a frigid downtown light pole during Monday’s inclement weather.

Similar to the triple-dog dare flagpole shenanigan in the classic holiday film, an unidentified person opted to test this popular urban legend outside Lexy’s on Davis Avenue. The stunt – which happened about 2 p.m. – prompted swift action by the Elkins City Police Department and Randolph County EMS officials, and snickers from eyewitnesses and those passing by.

“I came to the front counter at Gino’s to find a customer and the employees laughing,” said Bill Butcher, an employee at the pizza and sub eatery. “After asking at what, they said a person had stuck their tongue to the pole across the street and was screaming. Not long after, the EMTs and city police showed up and freed the person.”

Although officials declined to identify the unfortunate daredevil or add comment, many acted in disbelief when contacted by The Inter-Mountain.

Word of the incident quickly went viral on social media sites. Those who heard the tale were stunned and sympathetic to the impetuous thrill-seeker, yet amazed the individual in question hadn’t learned a lesson from the popular movie…

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