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Parkersburg paper partner in grocery promotion

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Parkersburg News and Sentinel image

PARKERSBURG, W.Va. — The Parkersburg News and Sentinel and Marietta A.M. on Wednesday will begin a new promotion with local Foodlands and Par-Mar/BP convenience stores.

The promotion is reminiscent of the old television game show “Supermarket Sweep” where the contestant who loaded the most groceries with the most value in a cart won the competition, Circulation Manager Joe Tranquill said.

Two winners chosen at random in mid-May and in July will have two minutes in an unfettered romp through the Foodland of their choice and fill their carts with anything and with as much as they want, Tranquill said.

“Nothing is off limits, except for alcohol and tobacco products,” he said.

It’s easy to enter. Contestants are entered by purchasing at least eight gallons of gasoline or $25 in groceries, Tranquill said.

“You should be able to enter a couple times a week, if not more,” Tranquill said.

Entries will be placed into a bin then the two winners will be chosen at random, he said.

The promotion will run for 14 weeks and will end July 8.

Besides the entries into the supermarket sweep, an 8-gallon purchase at Par Mar or $25 in groceries at Foodland will entitle them a free newspaper.

Participating Foodlands are at Vienna off Grand Central Avenue, south Parkersburg at the Gihon Shopping Plaza and North End at Emerson Avenue and Plum Street.

Participating Par-Mars are at Pike and Rayon, Rayon Drive, Rosemar Corner and 7023 Grand Central Ave. (W.Va. 14) north of Vienna.

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